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To obtain more information about the services that The DMA Companies offer, contact us by mail at:

The DMA Companies

4101 Parkstone Heights Drive
Suite 310
Austin, TX 78746

Phone:  512-328-3232
Extension 4522:  DMA Development Company, LLC
Extension 4518:  DMA Properties, LLC
Extension 4519:  Operator
Fax:  512-328-4584
Email:  info [at]

Phone Directory

Contact one of our specialists directly:

Development Staff

Valentin DeLeon, Development Coordinator:  Ext 4514
Nancy Hardin, Development Coordinator: Ext 4516
Audrey Martin, Director of Real Estate Development:  Ext 4502
Diana McIver, President:  Ext 4504
Janine Sisak, Senior Vice President/General Counsel:  Ext 4505
JoEllen Smith, Executive Vice President:  Ext 4506

Property Staff

Sergio Amaya, Executive Vice President:  Ext 4512
Amanda Burrier, Operations Coordinator:  Ext 4517
Elizabeth Good, Operations Support Specialist: Ext 4513

Accounting Staff/Office Operations

Katherine Graves, Accounting Support:  Ext 4508
Christine McAdams, Accounting Support: Ext 4501
Dawn Delaney, Staff Accountant: Ext 4503
Tommy Valentine, Staff Accountant:  Ext 4511
Nasrin Jozani
, Staff Accountant:  Ext 4510
Karen Sparks, Controller:  Ext 4507



  • The DMA Companies

    Since 1980, DMA Companies has assisted with the development or rehabilitation of more than 13,000 affordable housing units in 43 states.

  • Email us at info [at] or give us a call on our main line at 512-328-3232

    Extension 4522: DMA Development Company, LLC
    Extension 4518: DMA Properties, LLC
    Extension 4519: Operator