DMA Development Company, LLC (DDC)


DMA Development Company, LLC (DDC), was formed in 1999 by Diana McIver in response to a need she identified for quality affordable housing in rural areas.  Building upon the success of Diana McIver & Associates as development consultants for nonprofits, she embarked upon the development of small to mid-size apartment communities in rural areas and smaller cities utilizing the Housing Tax Credit program.  By building relationships with investors and lenders, and convincing them of the importance of building quality affordable housing beyond the boundaries of major metropolitan areas, Diana has been able to assist communities in Texas, Georgia, and the District of Columbia with their housing needs.

DMA Development Company, LLC, is 100% owned by Diana McIver and certified by the State of Texas as an Historically Underutilized Business.  DMA Development has successfully developed the following properties under the Housing Tax Credit Program.

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    Since 1980, DMA Companies has assisted with the development or rehabilitation of more than 13,000 affordable housing units in 43 states.

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